And the game continues: Royal Tiara (Altaj Almalaki)

1. Name who asked you to play this game:


2.Mention six secrets nobody can uncover about you when meeting you for the first time.

1. I get bored really easy.


On Human Stupidity!

Some miserable primate creates a facebook page with an attractive religious title. Contrary to what you’d expect, the page is actually full of age-old, oft-repeated accusations against Islam that have long been refuted.

What does the page get? 30,000 Muslim fans who didn’t really bother to look up anything on the page past its title :S

‘Two things are infinite, The Universe and Human Stupidity, and I am not sure of the former’
– Albert Einstein


After looking at the final list of sessions.¬†All I could say is “Meh!”.

So much geek-factor is obviously missing.

No VT for You!

So here it goes. I got a new Toshiba laptop with an Intel T6500 chip coming with it. Now naturally, all new Intel chips come with virtualization extensions enabled. So I try this:
mohd@mohd-laptop:~$ sudo modprobe kvm_intel
and I get this
FATAL: Error inserting kvm_intel (/lib/modules/2.6.31-16-generic/kernel/arch/x86/kvm/kvm-intel.ko): Operation not supported

Then I figure I haven’t enabled VT from the BIOS since I got the laptop, so I go into the BIOS settings, and find out that the option for enabling VT is greyed out, giving me no way in hell to enable it. I look on the internet for some solution and I find this.

So now, the OEM vendors have the capability just to turn off VT *completely*, and not even giving you the choice to enable it, and worse yet, Intel goes out to announce the chip has no VT support after about 1 month from shipping it to customers. Seriously WTF!

No, I can’t hack KVM anymore. DAMN!!!

Git vs. Mercurial

We’re moving from Subversion to Mercurial as our version control system at work, and since I was addicted to the caveats of distributed version control, I was using git-svn to maintain my working copy on top of SVN, but this is no more needed after the move.

After some playing with mercurial I can only say this: Mercurial maybe a more intuitive and user friendly VCS, but I really miss the fine-grained control I used to get from Git, even if that means occasionally shooting yourself in the foot at times.

I know, I know, you probably think I am a sick demented psycho. But I have no problem with that.

My $0.02. *Sigh*,

I agree

Quick Shots!

– First and foremost, happy eid everyone.

– To whoever has been repeatedly viewing my resume for the last few days, I’d really appreciate knowing what’s so interesting to you about it?

– You can obviously see the enoromous writer’s block problem I am having in the lines above. I have a lot to say, but obviously I am failing miserably at articulating it. If you have any suggestions about that, please comment!

My Newest Musical Obsession

It’s no secret to those who know me that I am an electronica junkie, especially towards IDM/Ambient/Experimental types of electronica. I’ve happened to be introduced to Rena Jones‘s music through SomaFM, and man did I become obsessed! I just love how she blends classical violin with synthetic electronic sounds and glitchy beats.
Here is her newest album “Indra’s Web”: